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Our Story

We are real people.

At Fast Lane Direct, we are real people, not salespeople. We want you to buy a car from us, but we are not going to “sell” you a car with traditional dealership tactics or funny business. We also want to sell a car to your family, your friends, and your neighbors, and we will do that by being honest, upfront, easy to work with, and absolutely transparent.

Why did I become a dealer?

Before I was a dealer, I became frustrated with the way traditional dealers did business; the back and forth games, sitting in a salesperson’s cubicle while they hashed out the price in the back room with the “sales manager.” I knew there had to be a better way. As a car enthusiast and automotive journalist, I had owned many vehicles over the years, and my experience shopping for a vehicle was like most folks; I did my research and studied pricing and availability on the internet until I found what I was looking for at the price I wanted to pay, only for the deal to later sour before leaving the dealership.

The last truck I bought before becoming a dealer, I had done weeks of research and found the perfect one at the price I wanted to pay. Before actually visiting the dealership, I did more research to value my trade and I made my way to buy the pickup I had been looking for. It took eight hours to complete the deal, mainly because the dealer would not agree to the price they had advertised on the internet. Very frustrating! Despite numerous requests, the salesperson wouldn’t give me the total price, only the monthly payment. They would not agree to give me what my trade was worth, and when they finally agreed to the "internet price" of the truck I was buying, the value of my trade suddenly decreased by $600. Furthermore, they intentionally deceived me on the “fees” which turned out to be warranties and other “products” that I had to beg to have removed.

At the end of the day, I finally left with the vehicle and it was close to what I wanted to pay, but they still managed to sneak who-knows-what into the deal. It was an exhausting eight hours that was a magic show of numbers which included lots of deception and double-talk, and backroom negotiations that I was not a part of. Not to mention the salesman was pestering me all day (at one point even telling me his new puppy was going to starve if I didn't buy the truck). I felt like I had been run through the ringer, and it made me realize if the process had been hassle free and pricing had been upfront, it would have been a much better customer experience that wasn't so ridiculously time consuming.

Years have gone by and I still feel resentment about how I was treated, and the dealer’s reviews online from other customers echo my experiences. It’s a wonder how they stay in business with those antiquated business practices when there are so many easier choices when it comes to to purchasing vehicles these days. What I experienced is certainly not the way I (or almost all car buyers) want to do business.

We understand and care about our customers!

We want to offer our customers the best experience possible and we’re striving to give our best everyday. It is simple fundamentals that focus on our customers that help guide our business. We pledge to be straightforward, be hassle-free and be transparent with no games and no pressure. We also like to have a little fun while we’re at work too! If you haven't done so, surf over to the "Why Buy From Us" tab to learn more about what to expect when you find the vehicle you like.

We give the customer the freedom to decide and allow them to guide the process from beginning to end. You will like what we have to offer, and we invite you to come by and see us, or call, text, email, fax, chat through social media, send a message in a bottle, or hire a sky writer if that’s your thing; whatever way you choose, we’re easy to connect with and we’ll be here to help when you need us. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your past experiences too!

Warmest wishes,

Cody Tayloe

Founder & El Presidente

Fast Lane Direct LLC.